You're one step away from the Best Today® Community

Why join?

Your environment plays a significant role on your mental and emotional health and well-being.  Not just your physical environments but your online environments as well.  This is why we created a space all our own, away from social media timelines, away from hateful comments and away from advertisements and distractions.  Every woman needs a circle of like-minded women who want to see you show up as your BEST.  A group of women who will encourage you, challenge you and inspire you! This is that place for you.

You want to be proactive and intentional with your time and in your life.

You want to show up as your best and you know it's going to take some work (and perhaps some accountability).

You need a place to share your wins and ask real and hard questions free of judgment.

In addition to the community you also have Community-exclusive, information to help you on this journey.  Through workshops, live calls, Guided curriculum and more, Best Today® Brand has curated an online space unlike any other! 

The choice is yours...

While we want you to be a part of the Community for always, you are in control!  Cancel your membership any time in your billing cycle. You will still have access to the Community through the end of that billing cycle.  

Important Details

Once you join the Community you lock in your subscription rate for the duration of your time inside of the Community (which is great for early members who enjoy the benefit of the Founders membership tier). 

Monthly memberships are not eligible for a refund but should you join and decide it's not for you, you can cancel and will not continue to be charged.  Please note that once you cancel you lose access to everything included inside of, and related to, the Community.  If you choose to join again in the future it will be at the current monthly subscription.

If you are removed from the Community for violating our guidelines you will be unable to return to the Community.  You will be removed without refund but your membership will be turned off and you will no longer be charged each month.  We take our Community standards seriously to provide a safe space.